Full Card Tips

If you are going to the races and don't want to go through the rigmarole of trauling through papers/websites trying to find horses to pick I can do the donkey work for you.  
Just enter the date and meeting/event that you are attending below and I will select a horse per race at your selected race meeting or selection at your the event requested for you.  All I ask is for 24 hours notice so that I can ensure I can put quality time in to making the selections
I promise to put my full knowledge and attention in to any selections and there will be reasons behind every selection I make for you.  There will be no charge for this however there is a "DONATE" page on the website where if you feel I deserve a little something for helping you out it will be very much appreciated however please don't feel obliged to though, this is not a necessity
Date of Event
Phone (if you would like your selections texting to you)